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Design Consultancy/Construction

We bring you the very best of design.
Design, as we know it, is more diverse and intricate than meets the eye. Great design influences human behaviour and psychology, as do great implementation. The spaces we design mirrors our continual passion for positively impacting the way people live, work and play. This can be various of our projects including; hospitality, commercial, corporate, residential, civic and retail design.
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Interior Design

Details Matter.
We pay absolute attention to detail in the design of our spaces; nothing is left out. This detail-oriented approach is consistently exhibited in the execution of every project. The fine lines are where the beauty lies. And we at Mayfair, have got this drawn right, and to specification.

Smart Home Solutions

live right, live smart.
Enhance, improve and automate your living space with Smart Home Solutions powered by RAVE AVI Design. Solutions are designed to meet Client specific budgets and desires.

Integration of Smart Home Solutions are completed by AVI Design certified Technicians and Programmers. Our zero sub-contracting policy allows us to maintain control and full responsibility for the integration of your Smart Home system.

Other related range of services

The success of your business is our concern.
To us, design goes beyond just lines. We answer the question, “can you sell it?” “Is it sustainable?” “Does it echo the client’s personality?”. In achieving this, our range of services are often not limited to the traditional sense of design. Sometimes, it extends to other services like; procurement, visualization, branding, marketing/operational strategy, ecommerce, artists’ impressions, interior components design etc.